A Level English

1.Anne : Long time no see. ___1___
Paula : I’m doing great. What about you?
2.Anne : Oh! ___2___. I can hardly deal with the workload right now.
Paula : Poor you, Anne. Anyway, my birthday is coming up next week. You remember my birthday, don’t you?
Anne : Oh, of course. How can I forget that?
3.Paula : ___3___. Our entire school batch is coming, so prepare yourself for some real fun!
4.Anne : ____4____. I often find it rowdy and noisy.
Paula : Come on, you’re my best friend. I really want you to come to my party. Besides, you’ve been so busy this past year, locked in your office.
Anne : Stop making a face like that. Fine! If that’s what you want, I will go then.
A Level English
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