BMAT Part1

1. Sam painted a wall 40% orange and 60% violet.

Before he started he had three 2.5-litre buckets of paint: red, yellow and blue. He mixed red and yellow in the ratio 5 : 3 to create the orange paint and he mixed equal amounts of red and blue to create the violet paint.
He made exactly the amounts of orange paint and violet paint that he needed. When he finished, he had 1,300 ml of the blue paint left. 

How much of the red paint did Sam have left?
2. At a bakery shop, there are three sizes of a bottle of mixed fruit juice as follows:

Small 200 ml Medium 400 ml Large 600 ml

At present, all three bottles are sold with 25% extra amount, in addition, customers who buy a large bottle get a free small bottle. If Pete buys a large bottle of mixed fruit juice at the shop this morning, what is the total extra percentage of mixed fruit juice he will get?
3. Below is a table showing the value of Peter's savings. He had £6.00 in July 2019 and in December 2019 he had £45.36.

When did Peter's savings have the greatest percentage increase?
4. Employees at Stark industries are paid a monthly wage according to the following formula:

$1,500 + $20 for every year their age above 21 (where appropriate) + $80 for every full year of service with the company.

My brother and I have worked for Stark industries for a while. He is 7 years older than me. Now I am 19 years old and earn $340 per month less than him.

For how much longer than me has my brother been employed by Stark industries?
5. Catherine sets a 4-digit PIN number for her bag. The number in the PIN can be used more than once. Catherine could not remember her PIN number and made four attempts to open her bag as follows.

4 2 7 5
5 8 7 1
5 8 5 2
4 6 9 2

In each attempt, two digits were wrong and the other two digits were correct. Which is the correct PIN number?
6. In the Jablonec Game, there are three types of quest, as follows:

- a plank, which scores 6 points
- a kud, which scores 4 points
- a dub, which scores 2 points

In the yesterday match, the Apollon scored a total of 640 points. This was the highest total score that they have ever scored in a single match. It was also a new record for the number of planks that they could score in a match. Of the 640 points, 60 planks and 50 kuds were accomplished. Which of the following pie charts correctly shows the portions of the 640 points that the Apollon scored from planks, kuds, and dubs in the match yesterday?
7. A conventional die is a die which the total number of spots of any two opposite sides is always seven. The die shown below is a conventional die.

Which of the following could NOT be the other views of the die?
8. There is much evidence to suggest that cannabis has therapeutic uses for people suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Given this, the prescription of cannabis should be made legal. If doctors were legally allowed to prescribe cannabis, multiple sclerosis sufferers and others might be spared much pain. Moreover, if cannabis could be legally prescribed, it would be possible to conduct large-scale surveys to establish whether cannabis really is of benefit in such cases.

Which of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?
9. It has long been thought that birds are much less intelligent than humans and apes. But now it seems that some species of birds have the same kind of thinking skills as apes. Crows can create and use tools and are socially sophisticated when finding and protecting food. So how can a bird with a walnut-size brain be capable of such achievements? The answer is that both crows and apes have much bigger brains than you would expect from the size of their bodies. The same pattern is found in humans, parrots and chimps - all intelligent animals.

Which one of the following can be drawn as a conclusion from the above passage?
10. When mobile phones were introduced there were concerns about the microwaves produced and the effects that these could have on the brain, given that phones would be held close to the ear when being used. These concerns have been shown to be mistaken since mobile phones are used for sending text messages far more than for making phone calls. Sending a text message does not require the phone to be anywhere near to the brain so it cannot cause any problems.

Which one of the following identifies the flaw in this argument?
11. Many people suffer from depression in modern society. This can be alleviated through drugs such as Prozac, which alter the chemical balance of the brain. However, the individual can undergo psychotherapy, which involves talking through problems with a sympathetic and skilled fellow human being with a view to putting the subject in a more positive frame of mind. Depressed individuals who do not like the idea of their brain chemistry being altered should therefore choose psychotherapy.

Which one of the following is an underlying assumption of the above argument?
12. It is not always clear whether a doctor should tell the truth to a patient or not. On the one hand, patients have a right to know what is the matter with them and what the future holds, so that they can make their own informed decisions, however upsetting the truth may be. It is a simple issue of human rights. But on the other hand, a patient's health may sometimes be better served by not knowing a frightening truth. For instance, a doctor may believe that a patient's medical condition will actually worsen if they realise how serious it is. Therefore, there are cases in which doctors have no choice: they must decide in favour of deceiving the patient.

Which of the following is an underlying assumption of the above argument?
13. If children are sitting in rows in a classroom, the teacher can have eye contact with all of them while she is explaining something to them. This is not always possible if they are sitting in groups around tables. Also, when they look up, instead of seeing the child opposite in a group and being tempted to talk, they see the teacher. So, sitting in rows helps children to concentrate better on their work and should therefore be the standard arrangement in every school classroom.

Which one of the following, if true, would most strengthen the above argument?
14. Some of the great sea-mammals, such as the sperm whale, have brains many times larger than ours. It is a fact of evolution that organs do not grow or remain large unless they are used; if they are not used they shrink or even disappear. It must be concluded therefore that the sperm whale makes intelligent use of the vast brain it possesses, perhaps at thought levels well beyond our understanding.

Which of the following would, if true, weaken the argument?
BMAT Part1
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