Toefl Listening

1.What is the most likely purpose of the professor’s lecture?
2.What does bias mean?
3.According to the professor’s lecture, what type of observations, scheduled or unscheduled, would a good supervisor conduct when observing an employee?
4.Which statement is true about unscheduled observations?
5.As used in the lecture you heard, the phrase “your memory is clouded” most likely means that ____.
6.According to the professor’s lecture and the chart given, the word carbs most likely means ____.
7.According to the professor’s lecture, which of the following diseases may develop as a result of poor health?
8.What conclusion might a student draw from this lecture?
9.If you found that chicken was cheaper at a certain store, in which column on the chart could you list this information?
10.Refer to the chart for this question. Considering the lecture and the purpose of this chart, which of the following would not be a good label choice for COLUMN D?
11.According to the dialogue, the girl said her hand became cramped from writing so much. The best definition of cramped, as used here, is ____.
12.To what places must Jim go after class and before he can join the study group?
13.What grade did Jim first hope he would earn in this class?
14.Jim said, “Someone in the parking lot didn’t see it, and they ran right over it.”
To what does the word “it” most likely refer?
15.At the end of the conversation, both speakers are more positive about how well they might do on the exam. Why is that?
16.What can the listener assume about the librarian?
17.In what order did the student perform these actions?
18.According to the dialogue, what is a secondary source?
19.Which of the following is not a place that the librarian recommended for studying?
20.What time of day does this conversation take place?
21.What is the main idea of the lecture?
22.According to the speaker, this research ____.
23.Which subtests did the children complete in the study?

A. math fluency
B. number-fact recall
C. a math survey
D. word problems with visual aids
24.Why does the speaker refer to the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement?
25.Based on the lecture, which of the following were included in the study. Select all that apply.
  A    54 children
  B   63 parents
  C   Five biracial children
  D   All parents had finished high school.
26.What is the main idea of this lecture?
27.What is the impact of an increase in anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the northeast Pacific Ocean?
28.The pH level has increased, leading to dangerous levels for marine species.

A The natural variability in dissolved inorganic carbon was calculated between 2001 and 2012.
B This earlier estimate was subtracted from the 2012 estimate.
C Sophie ran a model with various water temperatures, salinity, oxygen use, and silicate.
D The researchers discovered that the northeast Pacific stored 11 micromoles per kilo of anthropogenic carbon.
29.Why is there a reference to the Atlantic’s absorption of anthropogenic carbon at lower levels in its ocean?
30.What can be inferred from the lecture?
31.Why does the professor ask the student if he studied writing in the past?
32.How did the student get into the professor’s screenplay writing class?
33.In which order should Kyle (the student) take the film courses?

A Screenplay Writing
B Film History
C Film Technique
D Film Theory
34.What can we infer about the student?
35.What is the professor’s attitude about the student staying in his class?
36.What can we infer from this conversation?
37.According to the professor, in addition to promoting a specific product, what are two elements that strategic marketing aims to do?

A. It highlights corporate strategies for shareholders.
B. It gives an attractive image of a good lifestyle.
C. It advertises a private lifestyle.
D. It presents the idea of meeting friends and having fun.
E. It promotes a specific location.
38.Why does the professor ask the student about his reasons to visit a coffee shop?
39.Based on the professor’s explanation, which goal would accurately complete this table?
Marketing Assignments for First-Year Students
Step 1     Decide on a business.
Step 2 Establish the target market.
Step 3
Step 4 Create a market strategy.

40.What is the student’s attitude toward his assignment by the end of the conversation?
Toefl Listening
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