1. You__if you exercise regularly.
2. It is necessary to __and__new trends in the market to improve the quality of our products.
3. Kids should not eat __of those cookies because junk food can harm their brains.
4. A dog bite is dangerous ___ it can lead to serious inflections.
5. Parent should not __their children alone in the public.
6. I have a dentist appointment this evening so I have to leave the office ___.
7. My mother bought a ___vase from Guangzhou.
8. "Rao Tiew Duay Kan"(We Travel Together) has encouraged more people ___vacation in advance.
9. Pierce Brosnan is still healthy ___ he is 69 years old now.
10. Many employees who ___for more than 2 decades have no savings for retirement
11. The government play special attention to Ayutthaya __is more vulnerable to flooding compared to all other provinces near Bangkok.
12. Garbage and sand which clogged the city sewers ___for the cause of floods in many areas in Bangkok.
13. Lilly failed the test. If she had studied harder, she __the exam.
14. Our shopping mall has __parking space, so you don't have to worry about finding a car park during peak hour.
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