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1.What can readers infer from this sentence?
2.Which detail in the passage supports the idea that the tradition of selling Girl Scout cookies started as a local project before it caught on within the GSA nationally?
3.Which idea about the history of the Girl Scout cookie is supported by the passage?
4.What can readers infer from this sentence?
5.How does the final paragraph of the passage relate to the rest of the passage?
6.Based on the passage, what is an important thing that the Girl Scouts of America want readers to understand about Girl Scout cookies?
7.Replacing the word “excitement” with “astonishment” changes the meaning of the sentence to suggest that allowing Daisies to sell cookies was
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12.What is the main idea of this passage?
13.Based on the passage, which statement is probably true?
14.The author of this passage would probably agree with which statement below?
15.In paragraph 3, “implemented” most nearly means
16.Of the choices below, it can be inferred from this passage that the author most likely
17.In paragraph 1, the writer mention pranayama to
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18.Prior to 1990, what type of material was not recycled?
19.Which of the following is NOT a reason for the increase in recycling in the 20th century?
20.What inference can be made from the phrase, “1990’s recycling technology wave,” as used in the passage?
21.According to the passage, which of the following is a general recycling rule?
22.Which of the following inferences can be made?
23.According to the passage, where is the best place for a recycling center to be built?
24.Which sentence expresses the primary purpose of the article?
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25.Based on how she is described in the passage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton can best be characterized as:
26.The author of this passage presents Stanton’s views as controversial because Stanton:
27.Based on the passage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked towards all of the following EXCEPT:
28.According to the passage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s work with the women’s rights movement can best be described as:
29.Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage?
30.Based on the description in the final paragraph, which of the following statements would the author most likely make with regard to Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s place in history?
31.How does the word “unlike” in paragraph 2 function in this article?
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36.The author’s main point in this passage is
37.Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
38.All of the following pre-Civil War conditions contributed to the atmosphere of tension between North and South EXCEPT
39.Which of the following is the function of the final paragraph?
40.What idea mentioned in Bradley’s article does this sentence support?
41.What quotation from the passage supports the idea that government officials were unable to remain unbiased in regards to the idea of slavery?
42.Which words would the author use to describe the Democratic platform of 1860 as described in the passage?
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