Toeic Reading Incomplete Sentences

1.New patients should arrive 15 minutes before ________________ scheduled appointments
2.The ______________ version of the budget proposal must be submitted by Friday.
3.Ms. Choi offers clients __________tax preparation services and financial management consultations.
4.Maya Byun _______ by the executive team to head the new public relations department.
5.AIZ Office Products offers business a _______ way to send invoices to clients online
6.While the station is undergoing repair, the train will proceed ----- Cumberland without stopping.
7.Dr. Morales, a geologist from the Enviromental Institute, plans to study the soil from the mountains ----- Caracas
8.If you have already signed up for automatic payments, ----- no further steps are required
9.Confident that Mr. Takashi Ota was ----- more qualified than other candidates, Argo Corporation hired him as the new vice president
10.ABC Local Marketplace takes pride in carrying only ----- processed dairy products from the region.
11.All of Molina Language Institute’s ----- have three or more years of experience and a valid teaching credential.
12.The restaurant critic for Montreal Times ----- the food at ABC’s Kitchen as affordable and authentic.
13.The Merrywood Shop will hold a sale in January to clear out an ----- of holiday supplies.
14.Zoticos Clothing, Inc. Has acquired 2 other retail companies as part of a plan to expand ----- Europe and Asia.
15.According to the city planning director, Adel’s old civic center must be ----- demolished before construction on a new center can begin.
16.An accompished skater -----, Mr. Loewen also coaches the world-champion figure skater Sara Krasnova.
17.Sefu Asamoah is an innovative architect who is ----- the traditional approach to constructing space- efficient apartment buildings.
18.Because of ----- regarding noise, the hotel manager has instructed the landscaping staff to avoid operating equipment before 9:30 A.M
19.For 30 years, Big Top Prop Company has been the premier ----- of circus equipment for troupes around the world.
20.Chris Cantfield was ----- the outstanding candidates considered for the Thomas Award for exceptional police service.
21.Please instruct employees with questions concerning the new payroll policy to contact ----- or Ms. Sin directly.
22.Although the author ----- presents the purchase of real estate as a safe investment, she later discribes times that it might be risky.
23.The research released by Henford Trust ranked automobile companies according to sales----- and financial position.
24.An insightful ----- in the Boston Daily Post suggests that offering opportunities for professional development is a valuable method of motivating employees.
25.Well- known journalist Kent Moriwaki published a book in May ----- a compilation of qoutes from interviews with various artists.
26.----- delays in the entryway construction, the Orchid Restaurant in Chongqing will reopen and provide an alternative entrance until all work is complete.
27.The building inspection has been postponed until next week - - - - - - that the electrical work can be completed.
28.Kevin Harper _____ by a professional engineering association for his outstanding work in the field.
29.We are excited to announce that Ms. Elizabeth Owens will take over as interim program director _____ next Friday.
30.While Mr. Logan is away, his supervisory and budgetary responsibilities will be handed to Kevin Lu and Alisson Ho, _____.
31.Applicants for openings at the city's main mail processing center can complete a skills test on any weekday _____ the first Monday of each month.
Toeic Reading Incomplete Sentences
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