1.The trumpet is _____ of most dance and jazz bands.
2.In 1865 the astronomer Maria Mitchell became _____ appointed to the faculty of Vassar College.
3.In the philosophical school of pragmatism, _____ certainty and there are no absolutes.
4.The famur, or thighbone, is ________ in the human body.
5._____ different kinds of beans are cultivated throughout the world.
6.A major source of rock salt is domes, _____ of rock salt embedded in surrounding layers of earth.
7.Hot springs are one of the most characteristic features of areas of recent volcanic activity, although _____ in other areas less abundantly.
8.Soap operas, a type of television drama series, are so called because at first they were _____ such as soap manufacturers.
9.What is the author’s main purpose
10.Which of the following is NOT true about algae?
11.The word "pigmentation" in line 5 means
12.The word "microscopic" in line 7 means
13.Algae remnants found in Africa are
14.Green algae is generally found
15.The word "coating" in line 13 could best be replaced by
16..Brown algae would most likely be found
17.According to the passage, red algae is
18.It can be inferred from the passage that limestone deposits serve as the basis of
19.How is the information in the paragraph organized?
20.The passage would most probably be assigned reading in a course on
21.The paragraph preceding this passage most likely discusses
22.The word “fervor” in line 2 is closest in meaning to
23.The word "time" in line 4 means
24.It is implied in the passage that
25.The pronoun “he” in line 10 refer to
26.The word “desperate” in line 17 is closest in meaning to
27.Where in the passage dose the author describe Thomas Paine's style of writing?
28.The purpose of the passage is to
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